About KooshaBaspar Co.
About KooshaBaspar Co.



Koosha Baspar Jonoob Company (Trade Mark: Koosha Baspar) started its activities in the summer of 1999. Given the co-operation of managers and experience of the experts within the company, Koosha Baspar has managed to render unique services and supply distinctive systems and goods to heavy industries in the country such as Oil and Gas, Steel, Agro-culture and etc. Koosha Baspar has focused on the Water and Wastewater Industry with particular emphasis on protection of the environment, and has come up with solutions in the following fields:

-          Consultancy, proposal of solutions and innovative methods in water processes, energy and the environment

-          Design, construction and building:

  • Energy productions systems
  • Water and wastewater treatment systems and equipments
  • Filtration, treatment and disinfection systems of drinkable and industrial water
  • Ultra-filter, Reverse-Osmosis desalination

-          Supply of the chemicals for treatment and improvement of drinkable and industrial water

-          Imports and supply of equipments and spare parts

Koosha Baspar is making efforts to be one of the most successful and progressive companies in the fields of rendering engineering services, importing and supplying equipments and chemicals required for the industries in the country from prominent European and Asian companies through constant relation with the international producers, attendance in the local and international exhibitions and scientific relations with specialized associations in addition to compliance with the standards and regulations.


Mission of Koosha Baspar Company:

The mission of Koosha Baspar is to provide useful and effective solutions to the clients in order to improve the treatment processes and reclaim water and wastewater with particular emphasis on “rendering services beyond the client’s expectations”.






Management system:

Koosha Baspar company is a “strategy-oriented” organization that places an emphasis on “development and extension of services” and “Management of customer relations and popularity with the clients” strategies in an effort to provide unique services to the clients and industries as a pioneer organization with creative and knowledge-oriented human resources.

Koosha Baspar Company has set up the client relation management system MS-CRM as a strategic solution for achieving effective relations along with the clients’ satisfaction since 2008.

By utilizing the innovative technologies in improvement of the environment and relying on the efforts and endeavors of its staff in order to achieve the established goals and integrating ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 management systems, Koosha Baspar declares its policies as follows:

  • Using the creative and suitable methods in design and utilization of updated equipments for producing high-quality products and managing the energy in order to produce high quality products, reduce the effluent production, and prevent the environmental pollutions and hazards to the individuals and the environment, and reduce consumption of energy and chemicals.
  • Commitment to increasing the client satisfaction and meeting the client requirements through precision in designing systems, supplying high-quality equipments and chemicals, observing the delivery deadline, rectifying the design defects and manufacturing products, and appropriate post-sales services
  • Bound to the quality, environmental, safety and job health regulations in accordance with the legal and international requirements and standards of supplying services and goods in all parts of the organization and relevant activities.
  • Continuous attention to rendering proper services to the clients in line with the sustainable development, cooperation with the development of green industries, prevention and control of pollutants in all fields of the organization activities
  • Preservation and enhancement of the company’s status in the local markets and stepping into the zonal foreign markets
  • Improvement of the relations and processes of the human resources on the basis of meritocratic, education, development and growth of creativity in order to achieve the mission, perspective and long-term objectives of the organization, strategic conformity between the objectives of the organization and the staff, and welfare of the staff.
  • Constant improvement of processes, optimized use of energy, human, financial and organizational resources, and reduction of wastes.






Organizational values and culture in Koosha Baspar Company:

We believe that the integration of chemistry and creativity in industries can be an innovative solution for dealing with the challenges of the water and wastewater industry.

We do believe that our solutions should emphasize on reducing the consumption of chemical and the energy, increasing the efficiency of industries in relation with protection and improvement of the environmental resources and resulting in the social welfare.

We also believe that the ability and power is in differences. Therefore, we are making all-out efforts to provide services and distinctive values beyond the expectation of our clients.

Fundamental values of Koosha Baspar Company are as follows:

  • Honesty, truthfulness and commitment
  • Diligent efforts in the individual and organizational enhancement and advancement
  • Customer-orientation
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Commitment to safety and environment protection
  • Team work along with self-esteem
  • Respecting and emphasizing on the human dignity


Social responsibility:

Policies of Koosha Baspar Company are based on observing the moral principles, social law and environment-friendliness.

Koosha Baspar is responsible to society in relation to extension and advancements of industries and social facilities through supporting charities, social associations and attending in the technical committees and specialized associations.


Quality culture:

Koosha Baspar Company guarantees the quality of services and products with emphasis on “satisfying the client’s needs beyond their expectations” policy.

We assure that all staff of Koosha Baspar Company is committed to the expected quality of clients, good pre-sales and post-sales services, and long term cooperation and company with the clients.

All products and goods of Koosha Baspar Company include the long-term guarantee and post-sales services.






Knowledge, development and human resources:

In Koosha Baspar Company, we do believe that variety and various expectations are inseparable parts of work. We value various experiences, feasible expectations, perspectives, and welfare of staff.

We strongly believe that professional and superb services are dependent on availability of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced staff such that the requirements are expectations of the clients are satisfied.

Education, active attendance in conferences and scientific seminars, visiting local and international specialized exhibitions are out top priorities, thus, we have tried to make use of innovative changes in improvement and development of our services.

Koosha Baspar Company values each and every staff as a “spiritual asset”, and thus, provides the requirements for their advancement and innovation through encouragement, development of skills, and provision of facilities, professional periodic service training inside and outside the country in order to acquire the state-of-the-art knowledge.





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